‘Inspired Workspace Design’ - the most underused tool in business?

Yesterdays business occupiers put function before form when choosing their office environment. Repetitive soulless design solutions make for an unrewarding workspace. The most competitive businesses are now realising the commercial value that ‘an inspired workspace’ can tangibly contribute to their bottom line. The ultimate driver of business.

If you want the best staff then it’ll come as no surprise that they want the best environment to work in. The more stimulating your environment the more productive your workforce will be.

These days choose where they want to work. That’s the new dynamic. So hanging onto your best staff is as important as attracting new clients.

Todays inspired businesses have moved the importance of the workspace way up the agenda.


What’s the office got to do with your Brand?


Corporate brands are no different to the best known brands on the high street. And like them you should be using your physical business space as a way to experience your brand.

This physical articulation of the brand will have far more ability to differentiate your business from the competition than any logo or corporate identity can do.

It’s using the workspace in a holistic sense as a brand touchstone to staff, business partners and clients to positively experience the ultimate definition of your brand. A virtuous circle where the environment can tangibly positively reinforce your brand culture.

And what we do know - the strength of your brand is well know to impact on the fortunes of the business.



So how does Moho do things differently?

We start with a blank sheet. No preconceptions, no house style just an open mind – you could call it an agnostic approach to design.

To us, understanding your brand is just as important as getting a fix on your commercial and functional needs. Ultimately it’s your brand that will inform the uniqueness of the design. The design will be a physical and emotional articulation of your brand – in essence the ‘spirit’ of your business.

Everyone is merging saying the same things about themselves, same values, same promises. The challenge for todays brands is to establish a unique point of difference. To set yourself apart in the market place - that desire can now me expressed through design in the workplace.


So what makes a workspace work better?

Todays office environment is now answerable to the new millennials - who are soon to be making up the majority of our workforce. They are digital savvy, culture and design conscious.

We recognise work and play are not mutually exclusive. So the best ideas are as likely to be had over a flat white out of the office than sat at your desk. Design a space where that can happen within your workspace. Allow productive conversations to happen through serendipity – make spaces where people can bump into each other. Collaboration is the fertilizer of business.

What informs our design approach is how can we make your people more productive.

The happier they are the more productive and loyal they’ll be. It’s as simple as making people feel good – really good about the space they work in.

Good design is when form and function work in perfect harmony.

Our aim is to provide beautiful, intelligent and innovative design solutions that allows businesses to realise their cultural and commercial ambitions.




'To some it's just a box - to us it's a world of possibilities'

'To some it's just a box - to us it's a world of possibilities'