The English Garden/  October 2017

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Premier Construction /    January 2016

House & Garden /    October 2015

From the polished concrete floor to the Douglas fir beams, it is a stunning example of modernism with heart and soul. Jodie Jones – House & Garden.

Metro / Property    21/07/15

Having a vision for a film and a vision for a house is really not that different. In the film world you are creating little worlds. You are creating the brand and an identity, a world that people want to live in. With architecture and design it’s the same but in 3D.

The Wall Street Journal / House Of The Day    14/10/14

The Telegraph / Luxury    15/07/14

Evening Standard / Property    06/09/14

Niche developers are creating chic W1 homes for City workers, media types and downsizers craving the bright lights
— David Spittles - Evening Standard

The 'boutique house' market has long been neglected, while mass house builders took over the show. However, with onward march of design and technology, in this heyday of innovative domestic architecture, the demand for something clever, space-creative and unique is being satisfied by boutique builders.

Former advertising executive Simon Green was eager to find an alternative outlet for his creative side after selling his share of the ad agency he helped set up 20 years ago. After a stint as a film-maker, he turned to the world of property, believing he could bring something fresh to residential development. His design-led approach incorporates a forensic attention to detail, honed over many years of working with clients bsuch as Mercedes-Benz. He aims to create truly individual, inspiring homes that are, in themselves, works of art.

Green's development company, Moholondon, is one of a growing number of niche property companies creating boutique housing. Working with David Archer - the architect behind the ultra trendy Chiltern Firehouse restaurant in Marylebone. - and Pat Carter, shopfitter for Bond Street fashion stores, Green's debut project is the transformation of a dingy, unloved Marylebone mews house into a modern urban home.

"Mews houses are challenging as they are small with little light at the back, and linking floors is a real space eater," he explains. " To overcome this at 7 Harley Place, we used a lightwell, skylights and glass floors, while the centrepiece is an open-tread marble cantilevered staircase, presented almost like an artwork behind glass. Overall, the design gives you internal glamour and a real sense of luxury."

Bespoke walnut joinery creates a seamless link between the open-plan kitchen and living area. Even the minimalist, matt black-painted facade is a cool alternative to traditional pastel-coloured mews cottages.



Sunday Times / Property  17/08/2014



Adelto Magazine 11/08/2014

The two-bedroom, 140 sq m property, follows the pattern of the ‘liveable art’ room recently unveiled by Sir Anthony Gormely at the Mayfair Hotel, as it’s design has been driven by the artistic process rather than functionality’
— Assif Majid, Editor

Fabric Magazine 11/01/2015