Moho has just designed and project managed the re fit of a 10,000 sqft office space in Reading. The creative execution of industrial chic interiors has transported it's 60 staff into a highly collaborative workspace reminiscent of the a New York loft factory styled in the 50's. This totally bespoke build, including all furniture is a fitting home for the design led, rapidly growing, global electronics company.
 Watergate House is a splendid Edwardian building that has played a significant role in British history. Most famously, in the 1940's it was GCHQ’s first home before moving to the safety of Bletchley House - enabling the great code breakers of the Second World War, Alan Turing and his team, to serve their country.  The 11,000 sqft building has now been entirely redesigned by Moholondon to become BGF’s new UK head office. Moho have taken the codebreaking history and 1940's era as the central concept in designing this highly unique office environment.
 Thames Tower sits head and shoulders above its rivals in the revitalised Thames Valley. It’s yet another inspired collaboration by developers Landid and Brockton Capital.
 Marsden Street is now home to the Northern Powerhouse of BGF Manchester. The City’s illustrious past still dominates the skyline with it’s vast Victorian Mills. However the cranes have moved in and a new landscape is evolving as local entrepreneurs are now leaving their mark on the City - assisted by BGF.